Your Husband’s Farts Are Actually Helping You Live Longer, According to Science

Here we go again, one more study showing me something that I had no intention of knowing, but now I do. Turns out, a new study found that your husbands worst habit, which is farting, duh, may actually increase your lifespan.Yes, his stinky and gross farts are boosting your immune system and have good health benefits. I know, I was shocked too.


A study conducted by the University of Exeter research team found that hydrogen sulfide, which is the gross scent that gives flatulence its rotten egg-like quality, can actually have potential health benefits in low doses. Meaning yes, nobody is better at delivering that dose quite like the average hubby.


According to these gassy enthusiasts, the study showed that stinky microbial byproducts most women hate could reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancer, arthritis, storks and dementia. When cells become shredded by diseases, they draw in enzymes to generate quantities of hydrogen sulfide, also known as fart gas. So, this keeps the mitochondria cells ticking over allowing cells to leave. If this doesn’t happen, then the cells die and lose the ability to regulate survival and control inflammation.

So yes, his farts can help you stay alive, healthy, and sharp. Because nothing says I love you like a fart in the morning, knowing that fart will protect you. Think of it as a sign of affection, he’s only looking out for you and your health.


Honestly, what I want to know is how these scientists came up with this. Who’s idea was it to study farts, and how bad are their partners farts to actually conduct a whole study? Serious questions here! Also, can you imagine being in the room when scientists are testing the farts? That room must smell awful! And they said 7 years of medical school wouldn’t come in handy!

Moral of the story, I guess you can say that no, farts don’t cure cancer, but ultimately, they are good for you. How? I’m not sure. But if science says they are good, they must be, right?


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