Restaurant Manager Pays To Feed Woman And Her Grandchildren

A Frenchy’s Chicken restaurant in Houston has recently gone viral after one of the customers noticed the manager doing something very special.


Source: KHOU 11

Wednesday nights are always the busiest in the restaurant because they offer a special deal on their two-piece fried chicken dinners, perfect for larger groups and families. The entire restaurant was completely packed and waiting lines were pretty long.

On Wednesdays, it seems that just about everybody has a craving for some fried chicken.

When manager Ahmed Elmadhoun quickly glanced at the waiting lines, he noticed that one of the customers seemed upset and a little bit off. She was with a little three-year-old girl, who turned out to be her granddaughter.

Source: KHOU 11

According to Ahmed, the woman definitely stood out and seemed embarrassed.

When it was finally her turn, she then asked the manager if she could talk to him privately.

Source: Lowe Petties

The grandmother told Ahmed that she didn’t have the money to pay for food, but she was willing to give him her ID and social security card as leverage and pay for a meal the following day, as she would expect some money coming in because of an income tax return.

It was clear that this family was truly desperate for a warm meal.

Ahmed was immediately heartstruck, especially when he learned that she had eight other grandchildren still waiting at home without any food.

Source: KHOU 11

Without any money, the woman hoped that the manager would be able to give them a little bit of food so that her grandchildren wouldn’t have to be hungry that night. Much to her surprise and to the delight of other customers, Ahmed did exactly that and even a whole lot more.

Ahmed would give the grandmother the Wednesday deal for herself and her three-year-old granddaughter, but then he went into the kitchen and prepared more chicken himself.

Source: KHOU 11

He personally made and paid for no less than 25 pieces of fried chicken, enough for everyone.

It was a complete meal with a large serving of vegetables, fries, and bread. The man even included drinks and asked the three-year-old what they’d like for dessert.

Source: KHOU 11

Lowe Petties, one of the customers who was already enjoying some fried chicken, couldn’t help but overhear this conversation between the grandmother and the manager. She posted this story on Facebook, which has received over 15,000 likes.

“God bless this man. We went into Frenchys to get Journee some fries, there was a lady here with a 3-year-old little girl. She asked the manager if she could get some chicken that she would pay for tomorrow when she gets her taxes. She says she has 8 grandkids at home and has run out of food and gas. He bought her 25 pcs of chicken family sized fry and greens, he gave her bread drinks and cake with his own money,” she wrote.

The manager’s good deed didn’t stop there, however, as he told the woman that she was always welcome to come back if they were hungry.

Source: KHOU 11

Lowe and her husband André were absolutely awestruck by Ahmed’s fantastic generosity, and they decided to keep the good deeds rolling. Lowe’s husband along with someone else from the restaurant made sure that the woman had enough gas to drive her car.

Source: KHOU 11


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