8 Easy Ways Get Rid Of Ticks

Summer brings out a wide variety of plants and animals. But, it’s also the time when ticks and other pests can be bothersome. Ticks carry disease, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, both of which can cause sickness and other problems in humans. Get rid of ticks using these easy methods.


Take Care of Your Yard

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The easiest way to get rid of ticks is to make your yard unappealing to them. Do this by keeping the grass mowed and your trees and shrubs trimmed. Mowed grass draws birds that feed on ticks, and keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed cuts down on the presence of shade, which ticks like.

Use a Pesticide Around Your Home

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Create a barrier around your home by using a pesticide to keep ticks out. As part of this barrier, remove brush and litter from around your home in at least a six-inch-wide area. Remember, though, while a pesticide keeps ticks from coming in on their own, they can still hitch a ride on you or your pets.

Use Cedar Mulch

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Cedar mulch is a great natural deterrent for ticks and other pests. For best effect, place the mulch around the perimeter of your yard and around areas where your pets like to play or rest. This should help limit the presence of ticks. Keep in mind, ticks can still get in your yard if you have overhanging trees and bushes.

Keep Your Home Clean

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To keep ticks out of your home, de-clutter regularly. Ticks like to hide, and by removing easy hiding spots, you can reduce their presence. Keep clothing off of the floor, and put them away or in a hamper prior to washing them. You should also pick up and organize any stacks of books or documents.

Wash Your Clothing in Hot Water

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To remove ticks from any clothing or bedding you think is infested with them, wash the items on the hottest setting allowed for the fabric type. If you suspect clothing or linen is infested, place them directly into the washing machine. Placing them in a hamper with other clothing only infests the other items.

Check for Ticks When You Come Inside

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During the warmer months, check yourself for ticks before you go inside. This prevents them from being attached for too long. If you need to, have someone else check hard-to-see areas, such as behind your ears. Use a pair of tweezers to remove a tick by grasping them behind the head and pulling them straight out.

Spray Your Home With Pesticide

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You can also dust your home with a pesticide containing boric acid and botanical extracts for tick eggs and larva; use a pyrethrin-based spray for adult ticks. Before using these pesticides, read the label to see if the pesticide is safe for humans and animals. When spreading the pesticide, don’t forget hiding spots, such as under furniture.

Call the Exterminator

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If your infestation is really bad, you might need to call an exterminator. Exterminators have specialized equipment to deal with all kinds of pests, including ticks. They also know the behaviors that ticks exhibit and where they like to live. The pesticides they use usually kill ticks on contact.

Properly protecting your yard and home from ticks can keep you and your family, including your pets, safe. These eight tips can help prevent disease by keeping ticks out of your home.

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