Dad Creates DIY ‘Monster Spray’ For His Daughter

Dads will do anything for their children.


There is an instinct for parents to protect their children that is practically ingrained in them.

It is hard for parents to watch their children struggle with fears that they cannot help them battle. Monsters might not be real, but parents can find a real way to keep their kids safe from them!

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A common fear for children is finding a monster under their bed or in their closet.

Monsters Inc. and Monsters University are cute ways to tackle the fear of monsters. But for little Mya, monsters were very scary and very much real in her mind.

That is until her dad stepped in to find a way to get rid of the monsters!

When his daughter couldn’t sleep through the night, Aaron Wilson knew that he had to think of something to help her.

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Typically, parents just check under their children’s bed or in their closet to appease them of their fear.

Or they’ll be blunt and tell their children that there is no such thing as monsters. That could be a little traumatizing for some children though, so I wouldn’t advise it to all parents.

Mya must be a smart little girl because her dad went above and beyond to find a way to make her feel safe.

He got her a prescription monster spray that she could use to get rid of all of the monsters!

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When interviewed by CTV News, Aaron told them more about Mya’s fears.

“At night time, she was always saying there are monsters in her room. There was something here, there was something there.”

It got so intense that little Mya didn’t want to go to bed, which then affected her sleep. And if you didn’t know, sleep is very important to a two-year-old!

So, her dad went down to the local pharmacy to get a prescription for monster spray. He even got the prescription printed on the bottle to make it look realistic.

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The secret ingredient? Water! The spray is mostly just water, though Aaron sometimes adds lavender to help make it a soothing scent for his daughter.

Now that word has gotten out, apparently, the pharmacy is getting requests from parents for the monster spray for their children. This really has worked for Mya!

The pharmacist really liked Aaron’s idea and told CTV News:

“I thought it was really cute and I said that is a neat idea and I hope it works!”

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Mya’s parents had previously tried to tell her that monsters aren’t scary.

“We’ve been trying to tell her for a while, they’re trying to be your friends and not to worry.”

What do you think of this monster spray? I wish I had this as a child. I was terrified of the monster living in my basement for years. I would not go down there alone.

If your children or any children you know are scared of monsters, you can make this spray at home and see if it helps!

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