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    How To Build This Magical DIY Pergola And Fire Pit

    The weather is warmer, which has many of us spending days soaking up the sun and nights sitting around a bonfire or just relaxing in the backyard with friends. It’s also a great time of year to work on the yard. Any by “work on the yard,” we mean adding a fun feature like this DIY […] More

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    Japanese Are Polishing Foil Balls To Perfection, And The Result Is Too Satisfying

    Aluminum foil looks pretty boring. It is used for packaging, insulation, cooking… and making really shiny balls that appear to have no real purpose, apparently. That’s right, thanks to a Japanese jeweler, the whole country became obsessed with refining these metal leaves, and we aren’t sure how to react. According to Twitter user @puchuco709, they took […] More